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 Northern Star Theatre Arts 

Sunderland's Biggest Children's Theatre School

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Twins in a singing lesson

A message from
the principal.

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4-6 Class Child having fun in a dance lesson
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Northern Star Theatre Arts embodies my lifelong dream as a professional actress from London's esteemed Mountview Theatre School. Throughout my journey in Theatre, Television, and Radio, I've faced challenges and rewards that have shaped my passion.

Northern Star stems from my desire to establish a space that imparts Performing Arts intricacies, cultivating creativity and pride in Northern talent. It's more than a school; it's a vibrant community where dreams are nurtured.

In the tough entertainment industry, I believe in providing children with the best start. At Northern Star, our commitment extends beyond lessons, offering an environment where young talents learn from seasoned professionals in Theatre, Television, and Radio.

The world of Theatre is my life, from nerve-wracking auditions to the joy of witnessing raw talent blossom. My journey from childhood hobby to lifelong passion drives my belief in imparting inspiration to my students.

What sets Northern Star apart? We offer a friendly environment where children learn from professionals with actual experience in Theatre, Television, and Radio. Our instructors possess genuine passion and knowledge, ready to elevate your child to the next level.

At Northern Star, your child gains confidence, life skills, creativity, and a stretched imagination, whether or not they pursue a theatrical career. We go beyond conventional education, shaping well-rounded individuals equipped for success.

Why choose Northern Star? We provide an unparalleled start, instilling a passion for the arts and cultivating skills beyond the stage. Join us at Northern Star Theatre Arts in Sunderland, where dreams confidently take centre stage.

Best Wishes,

Geri Feeney

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